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Animated Sing & Clap Bear

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The toddler years are the years in a child’s life when they becomes more aware of the world that surrounds them. It is the time when they start to become curious about everything they encounter. It is only practical that they play with toys that will help them learn new things.

Gone are the stuffed animals that do very little but look adorable. Your child is growing up fast, so what they need is something that is not only fun and cute but also educational. This way, they can develop new skills that they can use later on.

The Clapping and Singing Bear helps develop a toddler’s fine and gross motor skills!

Clapping the hands and shaking the arms encourage movement, which helps with a toddler’s muscle development. When they move along with this talking bear, they slowly develops motor, brain, and sensory abilities.

Exposure to repetitive music, like “If You’re Happy and You Know It,” helps exercise a child’s memory and recognition skills. It allows them to repeat melodies, enhancing their natural ability to decode words and sounds.

Music is a mood lifter, which is why this singing and talking bear makes a great toy for toddlers. It can help raise the spirit, making playtime something to look forward to. It also helps soothe your baby, especially before naptime.

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