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The Dig Combo includes the fossil in the Jurassic World Excavation Kit is no ordinary dinosaur it’s the Tyrannosaurus Rex! Dig into the clay with the tools provided to reveal the bones of the T-Rex. Finally assemble the pieces to create a model of the fiercest dinosaur that’s ever lived complete with chomping jaws! Contents: Excavation stone, glowing dinosaur model parts, digging tool, hammer tool, cleaning brush and sticker sheet. And there are treasures to be found in the Gold Rush Mining Excavation Kit! Use the digging tool and wooden brush to chip away at the golden block. Dig far enough and you’ll find sparkling pyrite crystals to display in your bedroom. Use the magnifier to inspect the crystals and learn all about gold mining in the activity book. Join the gold rush and find your fortune! What’s in the box? Excavation Gold Bar, 3 specimens, digging tool, magnifier, excavation brush and activity book. A great gift for ages six and up.

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