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Screechers Wild Speed Vehicle Asst

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    Use the Speed Launcher to aim your Screechers and catch the Screecher disc. Launch your Screecher to race and transform, bring even more action to the awesome morphing, racing Screechers Wild vehicles. Your Screecher flips 360 degrees in the air transforming into a wild creature. This launcher can also be used as a storage and carring device for your favorite Screecher vehicle. Screecher Speed Launcher Includes: 2 collectible discs, speed launcher and 1car. Load Screecher discs easily in the top of the Rapid Fire Disc Launcher. Point, aim and launch discs at your Screechers vehicles. Compete with your friends. Fire the screecher discs at your screechers vehicles and watch as they flip 360 degrees transforming into a creature. The rapid fire disc blaster includes two collectible screecher discs and a sparkbug. Sparkbug morphs from a cool race car into a Lightening Bug. The rapid fire disc blaster adds even more explosive action to your screechers. Rapid Fire Disc Blaster includes: 1 Sparkbug, 2 Discs, 1 car. Recommended for boys ages 6 years and up.

    Weight: 0.3 kg
    Dimensions: 28 × 6.5 × 20.3 cm
    Age: 6-8 Years
    Gender: Boys
    Brand: Alpha Group, Screechers Wild
    SKU: #US683150
    Bilingual: Yes
    Assorted: No
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